Wednesday 31 October 2012

185 - Pseudonymized

Thanks to Andrew for the wonderful image!

This week on TheAvod, Count Vardulon and DM wrap up their Halloween extravaganza by watching two more little-known Halloween-themed films, one of which doesn't actually have anything to do with Halloween. DM gives a rundown of her time at the Toronto After Dark film festival, and sometime guest Anonymous is no longer anonymous. Tune to hear who isn't in the new James Bond game, and stay to learn about film ratings. Click here for that thing.

Poll results: Which Halloween party are you attending?
A murder party  14%
A pretentious art installation  14%
A me-party  72%

Thursday 25 October 2012

184 - Is it a Satan?

Because you don't have time to bleed.

This week your friends Count Vardulon and DM finally meet with some success in their search for lesser-known Halloween movies. The Barrens and Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes, on the other hand, ain't so great; both suffer problems relating to self-sabotage and internal logic. Tune in to find out what DM's eating, and stay to hear the Count run down a list of Sean Ashmore lists.

Poll results: What's haunting the asylum?
Ghosts of the ghosthunters who were killed by the ghosts  60%
Simon  40%

Wednesday 17 October 2012

183 - Desk in front of door

This week Count Vardulon and DM watch two movies that place in an asylum and a third movie that's set in a junkyard. Which is kind of like an asylum. For cars. In decreasing order of goodness, Asylum Blackout sadly does not feature any musical numbers, Boo does not feature any kind of pacing, and Wreckage doesn't feature anything at all. Tune in to find out why Mythbusters isn't very good a science, and stay to hear DM say something dumb about going to the movies.

Poll results: How are you enjoying the show's new format?
I think it's great  75%
It's my first day  25%

Thursday 11 October 2012

182 - Why is a wall here?

This week your friends Count Vardulon and DM pick one movie at random, one movie not at random, and one movie because it's supposed to be set on Halloween. It's a mixed bag of quality, with only one out of three being any good. Tune in to find out who's listening to TheAvod, and stay to hear who doesn't like zombies. And that word DM was trying to remember? Benevolent.

Poll results: Is it time for 3D to go away?
Yes, 3D is just a gimmick  20%
No, 3D is just what the movies need to get people back to theatres  30%
Yes, 3D is hardly worth the price of admission  50%

Thursday 4 October 2012

181 - Comic Book Cavalcade

Photographic evidence that Karl Urban doesn't smile. Not really.

This week DM dredges up a reference from the 90s, and it's freaking awesome. Other things that are awesome include Costas Mandylor's hair in Fist of the North Star, Peter Weller as Batman, and everything about Dredd. Tune in to hear who's a sucker for packaging, and and stay to find out who's an insufferable moron. Keep your ears open for a new weekly segment, and click here for more information about The Black Museum.

Special Feature 15 - Chris MacBride

It's a very special feature in which DM speaks with director Chris MacBride about his film The Conspiracy. Join them as they blow the lid off secret societies, reptile men, and filming without a permit.