Thursday 30 September 2010

88 - That's the Opposite of a Heist

This week on TheAvod your friends Count Vardulon and The Divemistress tackle yet another Fangoria Fright Fest title: Road Kill.  While they share the same opinions about the Aussie Road Kill, they differ wildly on Canadian indie End of the Line, and argue a bit about why it is or isn't any good.  The DM manages to ruin the Count's day by first announcing the passing of Sally Menke, Quentin Tarantino's editor, and then by running down a list of heist movies put out by Maxim.  Tune in to hear all about Sharktopus, as well as the greatest/most questionable adjective to describe a movie ever.

Poll Results: Most of you would like to see "A Descent into the Maelstrom" adapted for the screen. A few also voted for "The Balloon-Hoax" and "The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether" (tie).

Friday 24 September 2010

87 - Couldn't help--I was busy watching snuff

It's TheAvod's first call-in show, with the DM being the only caller.  She and the Count talk all kinds of nonsense (read: The Event), and argue about Resident Evil.  The two theme movies this week are The Horeseman and Horsemen.  Can you guess the theme?

Monday 20 September 2010

Update - Avod Delayed This Week

Count Vardulon here, subbing in for theDivmistress, whose computers caught the self-awareness bug that mine were suffering from two weeks back. An axe to the power supply solved the issue, but now she's got to wait on a new power supply to be able to record. So look forward to that a little later this week - and with it, a return to updates to theAvod with well constructed grammatically correct sentences.

Until then, enjoy this video of a raccoon stealing a doormat:

Wednesday 15 September 2010

86 - There is No Shortage of Things That Suck About Being a Cow

Image by Kristy Puchko.

This week your friends Count Vardulon and The Divemistress take a look some Poe adaptations, a gay one, a less gay one, and another one.  The DM has some unkind words to say about zombie films, and The Count announces that  he's really looking forward to Scream 4.  Tune in to hear how The DM doesn't always know what she's talking about. Good times!

Thursday 9 September 2010

Update: No New Avod This Week

The inevitable has happened: Count Vardulon's computers--all seven of them--have become sentient and turned on him.  For this reason there will be no new Avod this week.  The Count is working to fix the onerous computers and he and The DM will return next week with Episode 92.

In the mean time, here's a video of exploding heads:

Thursday 2 September 2010

85 - Watch Gaslight Instead

This week on the TheAvod, Count Vardulon and The Divemistress take a look at three movies that all feature crazy ladies, Psychosis, Gothika, and The 4th Floor.  The DM complains about the lack of movie theatre etiquette in her town, and the Count voices his opinions on Eli Roth.  The DM also offers up some short comments on Piranha 3D and The Last Exorcism, and educates the Count on some Canadian history.  Tune in to hear the Count tell a funny (read: sad) story about Charisma Carpenter.

Poll results: Most of you (60%) chose Basil Rathbone as the best Sherlock Holmes.  Michael Caine and Matt Frewer both tied for second place (20%).