Tuesday 23 February 2021

553 - TheAvod Rydes Again!

It's really hard to google The Stranger

This week, your friends Count Vardulon and DM watch two more rideshare-y horror movies. Driven to the Edge answers the burning question "What if Single White Female was a made-for-TV movie about an Uber driver?" and The Stranger asks its audience to accept a lot. A LOT. Tune in for an impromptu review of Maniac Cop, and stay for DM's best solo quiz result.

Sunday 14 February 2021

552 - Rydden into the Groud

This week, your friends Count Vardulon and DM check out two more rideshare horror movies which includes a movie called Rideshare. It's not great. Spree is only slightly better. Tune in for a mini review of Greenland and stay to hear DM completely embarrass herself with her lack of knowledge about a thing that happened.

Monday 8 February 2021

551 - Taken for a Ryde

This week, your friends check out a couple of movies from a new subgenre: rideshare horror. Ryde or Die is only 47 minutes, but a it's loooong 47 minutes. Ryde is feature length, but will also try your patience. In short, neither film really brings it home. Tune in for a trailer review, and stay for a quasi-recommendation.