Saturday 30 May 2009

25 - Solo Act!

With the Divemistress unavailable and presumed eaten, Count Vardulon attempts a solo broadcast. He promises not to repeat the experiment.

Wednesday 20 May 2009

24 - Medicinal Carrots

Count Vardulon dominates this week's conversations about what's on TV. The DM talks Trek and successfully manages to work Star Wars into her review. The Count once again acts like a jerk for no reason, insulting the woman who sent him a free copy of her film.

Tuesday 12 May 2009

23 - The Farscape movie wasn't called Moya

In this week's episode Count Vardulon and the Divemistress talk about books! The Count announces a new project and the DM shares her thoughts on pop-culture horror. The duo discuss the fantastic end to Dollhouse and the less fantastic episode 5 of Harper's Island, and have a brief impromptu talk about mother-themed horror movies. Also unplanned is the lengthy argument about movie titles that takes up the last 17 minutes of the episode.

Tuesday 5 May 2009

22 - Well, I'm not going to blame me

This week on TheAvod, Count Vardulon and the Divemistress compare their thoughts on episode 4 of Harper's Island. Following that, they then talk, or rather gush, about episode 11 of Dollhouse. The Count "reviews" Wolverine, and the DM for once doesn't ruin the end of a movie in her discussion about Fast and Furious. Also, neither can agree on what exactly "inured" means.