Monday 24 December 2012

Special Feature - Silent Night, Deadly Night

Somehow, some way, DM has never seen the Christmas classic Silent Night, Deadly Night. Join her, Count Vardulon and special guest Rue d'Awakening as they discover the joys and terrors of this overlooked Xmas slasher.

Thursday 20 December 2012

192 - What's the other kind of twin?

Not pictured: twins.

This week your friends Count Vardulon and DM make up for last week's shorter show with a really long one. S.W.A.T.: Firefight is exactly what you'd expect from a S.W.A.T. sequel, and also somehow less. Django, Kill! has one thing going for it but it takes too long to get to that point, and Dead Tone is mind-blowingly terrible. And not in a good way. Tune in to find out how we're all getting dumber and stay to hear who's getting typecast. Click here to read about zombies.

Poll results: Why are you trying to kill your housemates?
Because a disembodied voice told me to  0%
For a big pile of money  0%
Because they're trying to kill me  66%
Because I'm a jerk  34%

Wednesday 12 December 2012

191 - Cary Elwes: Photo Essayist

This week your friends Count Vardulon and DM don't agree on Skeleton Key's relative merit. They're in total agreement about House of 9, however, and think As Good as Dead is worth seeing. Tune in to find out who hasn't seen the Star Trek trailer and stay to hear all about TCM. Looking for a good book to read this holiday season? Don't pick this one.

Poll results: Why are you going to hell?
Superiority complex  42%
Inferiority complex  0%
Procrastination  42%
Bad taste  16%

Wednesday 5 December 2012

190 - Perfunctional

This week your friends Count Vardulon and DM watch one movie by mistake, a second on purpose, and a third because it's there. Whose had the most work done, why are the Brits so much better at TV movies, and what, exactly is Christian horror? These questions and more, answered here! Tune in to find out who's watching Community and stay to hear a terrible impression.

Poll results: Where are you going on holiday?
Loch Ness  42%
Castle Dracula  14%
Overlook Hotel  14%
New Orleans  30%