Wednesday 5 December 2012

190 - Perfunctional

This week your friends Count Vardulon and DM watch one movie by mistake, a second on purpose, and a third because it's there. Whose had the most work done, why are the Brits so much better at TV movies, and what, exactly is Christian horror? These questions and more, answered here! Tune in to find out who's watching Community and stay to hear a terrible impression.

Poll results: Where are you going on holiday?
Loch Ness  42%
Castle Dracula  14%
Overlook Hotel  14%
New Orleans  30%


  1. Count, you do the best John Oliver impression I've ever heard!

    Glad to hear we agreed on 'Appropriate Adult'. I found it by accident a few months ago and it totally chilling. Also Emily Watson r& Domonic West remind me of the former near-fiance that made me retire from dating 15 years ago - her for looks, him for mental status.

  2. I've dated a handful of strange and interesting characters. No psychos that I know of, however.