Wednesday 27 June 2012

168 - Lunar Arachnids

This week TheAvod is so pleased to welcome Anonymous back to the show. And, just for her, it's a special moon-themed episode. Despite their common setting, each film is very different in terms of content and political agenda. In a pleasant surprise, the movie that was least-anticipated turned out to be very clever and well done. Also, in an unprecedented move, DM and the Count whole-heartedly recommend two of the three movies they watched this week.

Poll results: What the hell was that?
An experiment in style over substance  0%
A thesis on American hegemony in a post-Vietnam soscio-political landscape 50%
A bad acid trip 0%
All of the above  50%

Thursday 21 June 2012

167 - Three Question Marks

This week your friends Count Vardulon and DM watch three very different movies. One was made to look like the 80s seen through the lens of seventies sci-fi, one was actually made in the 70s, and one's Swedish. Sort of. Each one, it its own way teaches a valuable lesson about the dos and don'ts of filmmaking. Tune in to find out who doesn't know what he's talking about, and stay to hear who's too smart for her own good.

Poll results: When was the last time you were honestly, truly surprised and impressed by a contemporary horror film?
The last time I watched a horror movie, in fact.  14%
Within the past few months.  14%
More than a while ago.  28%
I can't remember the last time I watched and really liked a contemporary horror movie.  30%

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Special Feature 12 - Hard Boiled

It's special feature time again! Unbelievable as it sounds, DM has never seen John Woo's classic film Hard Boiled.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

166 - Are landmines a big problem anymore?

In the immortal words of Meatloaf, "two out of three ain't bad." In an amazing twist that no one ever saw coming, Count Vardulon and DM like and recommend two thirds of this week's offerings. Both Kalevet and The Pact deserve your attention, while Bread Crumbs deserves to be passed over. Or smited, depending on your point of view. Tune in to find out what happened to GI Joe, and stay to hear why Hollywood is terrible at turning a profit.

Friend of TheAvod, PilotPriest has a new album out now! They forgot to mention it on the show, so it's being mentioned here. Twenty-five tracks of electronic awesomeness for only a dollar!

Poll results: Which is the best choice for your post-apocalyptic, cannibal-themed burlesque show?
I'm Not the Man I Used to Be by FYC  12%
Maneater by Hall and Oates  38%
Eat It by Weird Al Yankovic  38%
Chainsaw Buffet by Lordi  12%
*Results differed at the time of reporting.