Friday 24 September 2010

87 - Couldn't help--I was busy watching snuff

It's TheAvod's first call-in show, with the DM being the only caller.  She and the Count talk all kinds of nonsense (read: The Event), and argue about Resident Evil.  The two theme movies this week are The Horeseman and Horsemen.  Can you guess the theme?


  1. I just listened to this show and today I went on netflix and one of the first movies I looked at (Scarecrows) had this description:

    "After pulling off a major heist, a group of ex-military outlaws commandeer a plane for their getaway. But when one of the group betrays them by parachuting out with the cash, the rest follow -- and find themselves in the middle of a nightmare."

    So I guess it really is pretty common to have the plot of Reservoir Dogs and then something scary happens.

  2. Not only that, sounds like a bit Cliffhanger's been mixed in, as well.