Thursday 4 October 2012

181 - Comic Book Cavalcade

Photographic evidence that Karl Urban doesn't smile. Not really.

This week DM dredges up a reference from the 90s, and it's freaking awesome. Other things that are awesome include Costas Mandylor's hair in Fist of the North Star, Peter Weller as Batman, and everything about Dredd. Tune in to hear who's a sucker for packaging, and and stay to find out who's an insufferable moron. Keep your ears open for a new weekly segment, and click here for more information about The Black Museum.

1 comment:

  1. I was going to see Dredd last week but it was only playing on the ULTRA AVX screen at the local Cineplex. So I drove to a completely different theater and saw Looper instead.
    Have either of you ever not seen a movie simply because it was in a theater or auditorium in a multiplex you just don't want to go into?