Thursday 25 October 2012

184 - Is it a Satan?

Because you don't have time to bleed.

This week your friends Count Vardulon and DM finally meet with some success in their search for lesser-known Halloween movies. The Barrens and Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes, on the other hand, ain't so great; both suffer problems relating to self-sabotage and internal logic. Tune in to find out what DM's eating, and stay to hear the Count run down a list of Sean Ashmore lists.

Poll results: What's haunting the asylum?
Ghosts of the ghosthunters who were killed by the ghosts  60%
Simon  40%

1 comment:

  1. The only reason I asked about the food, was its rude to speak with your mouthful and most of what DM was saying was muffled by chewing. Vardulon came across as much more professional. ;)

    Oh I was wondering if when you're talking about a movie, if you watched it on Netflix, could you let us know so we could look for it more easily?