Wednesday 17 April 2013

208 - Life, the Universe, and Everything

This week your friends Count Vardulon and DM watch three "numbered" movies. Both Room 33 and 100 Ghost Street display a level of technical competency that is grossly undermined by their terrible terrible scripts. Room 237, on the other hand, is a documentary about Shinologists. Yeah, that's right. Shine-ologists. As in The Shining. As in the study of. Click here to have your say whether any of these films should be included an official horror canon.

Poll results: Was Evil Dead (2013) really the most terrifying movie you ever experienced?
No  0%
Nope  0%
Nay  0%
Haven't seen it, so no  100%


  1. Considering Vardulon's love of Scary or Die's Wereclown story (which was just as terrible as the rest of the terrible terrible movie) you guys are pretty hard on Evil Dead (which I thought was a lot of fun).

    1. The gore was great, but the sad excuse for a story that strings the gore set-pieces together was just awful.

  2. So, turns out I was wrong about 100 Ghost Street. It is a The Asylum movie.

  3. Were you by any chance originally planning to watch the Japanese yokai film Street of 100 Monsters? Strange, strange film though the copy I watched years ago was in Japanesse w/o subtitles which didn't make it any easier to figure out.