Wednesday 21 November 2012

188 - Travers on Trial

This week on TheAvod, Count Vardulon reads an essay he wrote on why Wrong Turn 5 is the worst thing to happen to horror cinema. Following up on that, he and DM recommend the heck out of Ip Man and Tesis. Tune in to find out who's not good at James Bond anymore, and stay to hear your hosts rip apart another list. Click here to learn why you should appreciate the PA franchise, even if you hate the films.

Poll results: Why are you being attacked by aliens?
Because I escaped the mothership  14%
Because I know about their secret plan to destroy Earth  14%
Because they're jerks  72%


  1. Friendly Ribbing ahead:
    Geez, Vardulon, Han Solo is on Endor during the attack on the second Death Star, Lando and Nein Nunb are piloting the Millennium Falcon through the guts of Death Star II. I may not read headlines of posts all the time but at least I can identify space pirates by sight.
    Also Batman Begins was the only really good Batman flick in the Nolan trilogy. The Dark Knight is maybe half a good movie. Dark Knight Rises is over long and BORING. Bane is the only half decent thing about it and even he isn't really that entertaining. If it wasn't for you recognition of Robocop as the greatest movie ever I'd think you were insane because of your love of DKR.

  2. Wow, Andrew! You really know your Star Wars. I was tempted to call out the Count when he was talking but I held back. Because he was talking.

    I have to say, I like all the Nolan Batman movies. I'm unlikely to watch DKR over and over again, like I do the opening scene of DK, but still.

    1. yeah I really enjoyed Batman Begins and DK when I first watched them but watching 'em again just before seeing DKR i realized how draggy DK was, its like two vaguely decent movies jammed together. After seeing DKR I was kind of surprised at how in love with it everyone seemed.
      Can't wait to hear what you guys think of the character who shows up at the end of Ip Man 2. I thought the actor was spot on with the mannerisms. its almost eerie.

      Also thanks for mentioning which ones you've found on Netflix. gives me some good ideas on what I should check out.

    2. No problem!

      DK was two separate movies. Weird how at first they blended well, but then one narrative just stops dead, only to be picked up at the end. And by that time, everyone's ready to go home. It's surprisingly inept.

  3. No, no, no, if you're listing fight scenes in action sequences you have to include the one at the halfway point in 'The Story of Ricky'- where the bad guy who has been eviscerated tries to strangle Ricky with his intestines - pure magic!

  4. My dear DM, surely you are familiar with the 'discovered manuscript' in literature, Lovecraft practically used it to death (although as heworshipped Poe it was inevitable) and as such its almost a requirement for Lovecraftian pastiche.

  5. I've seen about two minutes of Ricki-Oh, and it's the scene where he punches a guy through the chest.

    I suppose I do know about the discovered manuscript given how much Lovecraft I've read, but I never gave it much thought. So when I read about in that article, I didn't put the two together. Dumb, I know :P