Sunday 12 April 2009

19 - Easter's Island

This week Count Vardulon and the Divemistress start things off with a recap of the misplaced Episode 18. The friends blather on a bit about what's on TV before getting into the thick of things with their thoughts on Harper's Island. In keeping with their newly established tradition of discussing holiday themed horror movies, the Count and the DM turn to Easter horror movies only to discover there are none to be had.


  1. wow they didn't even try and make the buck shot jesus ambiguous at all.

  2. Yeah, the best part is that it's not even buckshot (which is like 5 or 6 ball bearings), but bird shot (which is a cloud of essentially BBs), a shotgun round that's really ineffective at killing people (it's the kind that Cheney shot his lawyer in the face with) and that no criminal would ever use.

  3. Jesus is a lot smaller than I imagined.