Friday 23 October 2015

317 - Festival

This week, DM fills in Count Vardulon on what's happening at Toronto After Dark! Also, strange makeup choices and a heartwarming story about getting screwed over.

Which sequel should the make next?
Con Air 2  40%
Cabin in the Woods 2  20%
Blood and Sex Nightmare 2  40%


  1. Problems behind the scenes at the Toronto Dark Festival? They were unbelievably late in notifying filmmakers and creating the list of films to be shown. With apologies, though. So maybe.

    However, they managed to send out survey that was hard to see the relevance of - long before notifications :-)

    1. I really do believe there was trouble behind the scenes this year. Your comment sort of confirms that. Thanks!

  2. I am so glad to know about this event!! I wish I could have attended it. Anyway, I am going to attend such a fun event at the destination venues San Francisco. I would love to take my fiancé too with me!!