Wednesday 19 June 2013

215 - Together Again for the First Time

This week on TheAvod, your friends Count Vardulon and DM catch up on Jason Statham. He kicks a lot of ass over the course of Parker and Safe, but one is significantly more kickass than the other. In Loonie Movie news, DM and the Count have a hard time appreciating Charles Band. Tune in to hear way too much about Man of Steel, and stay to find out what's wrong with The Last of Us which is, by all accounts, a great game.

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  1. are either of you going to have a table at FanExpo? If yes where are your table(s)?

    1. Sadly, we won't have a table this year. But we're hoping for press accreditation. That should get us in the door :) Where will you be? We'll visit. Repeatedly. Like, I mean all the time.

    2. I'll be at table A70 in artist alley. selling crazy monster art and art books and stuff like that.
      If you guys are repeatedly visiting, always talk constantly about how amazing everything on the table is and pretend to buy stuff (after you actually buy stuff ;–P) actually if you are not near my table just talk about how awesome stuff at my table is anyway!

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