Wednesday 27 February 2013

201 - What Happened Just Then

This week on TheAvod, your friends Count Vardulon and DM pick three winners (read: losers). Smiley is almost impossibly stupid and Silent Hill Revelation proves to be nearly incomprehensible. Is Curse of the Wolf worth a dollar? The answer may not surprise you. Tune in to hear who didn't like a recent celebration of film art, and stay to find out who wants to see a big explosion.

Poll results: Who is/was the best Joker?
Cesar Romero  0%
Jack Nicholson  46%
Heath Ledger  28%
Mark Hamill  20%
Brent Spiner  6%


  1. RE. Silent Hill, Red Pyramid. Pyramid is called Red Pyramid because in the game his helmet is a seven sided iron pyramid that's all rusty, so it looks red. there's also more than one of them. I think it also has something to do with the

    the movies were filmed in Brampton Ontario, Brantford Ont, Hamilton, the road to Silent Hill is sewells road in Toronto. I think the main street that's featured in the first movie was in Brantford.

    1. I should have guessed the Hammer. If you want an urban wasteland, look no further.

  2. Great. Now I don't know if what I thought about the ending of Silent Hill, the first movie, was what I thought it was but I will avoid this sequel. Never played the video game.

    I did come up with several alternate endings for Smiley while listening to you and although none would have been great all would have been better than the actual one. I'll avoid this one as well.

    Love the loonie movie reviews - personally I take pride in the worth of my viewership and refuse to watch any movie that I know in advance isn't worth at least 99 cents. Mind you I've seen plenty that weren't but I didn't know in advance. Curse the late Forrey Ackerman for his lies in FMoF back in the '60's!

    While I did vote for Nicholson it wasn't easy not voting for Romero - he did perfectly capture the Joker that I had grown up with in the '50's & '60's. If his version is no longer acceptable its because the character changed drastically after he portrayed him.

    And while I didn't know Bret Spiner had played the Joker I did know that Rene Auberjonois played Spiderman, ever hear his performance?