Wednesday 9 November 2011

138 - Hardcore Idol Worship

This week DM was foiled in her attempt to watch Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night so the found footage/mocumentary theme show she and Count Vardulon had planned for this week turned into a show about haunted asylums.  Tune in to find out why The Mentalist is darker and edgier than you think, and why no one should watch Episode 50.  Episode 2 of American Horror Story, on the other hand, was better than expected.

Poll results: How are you liking American Horror Story?
Yes  28%
No  14%
I don't know  14%
I have no idea what that is  42%

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  1. PseudoIntellectual13 November 2011 at 00:16

    While not directly relevant to the show, I'm curious. Since Count Vardulon talked about the Mentalist- do either of you have an opinion on the show Castle?

    There are a few similarities- they both star a genre actor (Although, of course, Nathan Fillion is a bit more well known than Simon Baker), they are both procedural based on the idea of somebody who isn't a cop helping the police solve murders, they both have a running plot line involving a serial killer that killed the loved one of a main character, etc.

    And for some reason, Stany (can't spell her name) Katic reminds me a lot of Robin Tunney.