Tuesday 2 August 2011

125 - Brought to you by Don

This week's show is brought to you by Don Guarisco, but he doesn't know it.  Count Vardulon and DM dig into some 80s gems and complain about terrible movie trailers--are they more terrible or just as terrible as the films they advertise?  Other issues addressed this week include James Spader's ability to menace teen-aged girls, how bullying leads to Satanism, and the greatest falling-off-a-balcony-onto-a-car stunt ever.

Poll Results: Are Stephen King movies getting better or worse?  Tie for worse and neither better nor worse.  Winner is IT completely traumatized me as a child.


  1. Glad you guys enjoyed my choices. A few bits of trivia...

    1) If you look at the end credits of THE NEW KIDS, you can see legendary Southern author Harry Crews credited with "additional dialogue." That accounts for all the colorful, endlessly quotable southern trash talk in the film. Also note that Stephen Gyllenhaal (Jake and Maggie's dad) is one of the screenwriters.

    2) LOOKER had a trouble post-production phase. Crichton wanted the film to have a lot of comedy in it and the execs demanded that stuff be cut out to make the film a straight thriller. Also, the t.v. version (which I sadly have not seen) has a scene where James Coburn explains why he had to kill the models.

    3) 1981 was a weird year for Albert Finney. Not only did he star in LOOKER, he was also in the weird hippie-horror epic WOLFEN. If you haven't seen that one, do so a.s.a.p. - it's one of the strangest horror films to emerge from a major studio and was directed by the guy who made WOODSTOCK!

    4) Don Stark, the actor who plays lead Stanley-tormentor Bubba in EVILSPEAK, would become one of the parents on THAT 70's SHOW some years later. Also, the friendly cook is played by Lenny Montana, who is most famous for playing mob hitman Luca Brasi in THE GODFATHER.

  2. Yes, I looked up Don Stark because he seemed familiar and it was bugging me. And now that I've seen The New Kids, I'm a little disappointed I didn't hear more southern trash talk from you.