Thursday 21 July 2011

123 - Almost Sequels

This week Count Vardulon and D watch sequels to movies they've never seen.  They've seen a lot of movies between them so they end up watching a movie that was never released and a sequel to a film that doesn't exist.  And Quarantine 2.

Poll Results:
Is it possible for a good director to elevate a bad script?
Yes: 70%
No: 30%


  1. Yes, there is a Sheen in Grizzly II, and there's also Laura Dern, she's the girlfriend (and there's heaps of other stars in it).

    As for other sequels with no predecessors, ever heard of The Executioner Part 2?

  2. Have either of you seen any of the Howling series?
    And what was that song at the end?

  3. Chris, I knew it! I'll be sure to take a look at The Executioner.

    Anon, I've only seen the first Howling movie. Isn't one of them about marsupials or something? If you mean the song at the end of the show, it's a theme from a video game--I've completely forgotten which one :P