Friday 10 June 2011

119 - You Made Your Movie Wrong

This week The Divemistress is very ill.  But Count Vardulon isn't going to let that get in the way of complaining about terrible movies!  The Vanquisher proves to be impossible to understand, and not because it's largely in Thai, and The Traveler is similarly difficult to wrap your head around, but only because it's so stupid.  Sherlock Holmes: The Last Vampyre, on the other hand, is totally worth watching.

Poll Results:
Q. Who's haunted the haunted house?
A1. A physical manifestation of your dread.
A2. Ghosts
A3. The Owner

1 comment:

  1. RE Traveller:

    That's what they get for trying to remake High Plains Drifter - never remake an Eastwood!

    So why don't you watch and discuss High Plains Drifter? Has the Dive Mistress seen it? It does belong in the supernatural horror genre although set in the Wild West.