Wednesday 27 October 2010

92 - Lennie James Needs a Show

 They probably should have watched this instead.

This week on TheAvod your friends Count Vardulon and The Divemistress take a look at the pilot for The Walking Dead.  The DM rants once more about movie theatre etiquette and the Count asks the all-important question: do babies pay full price at the movies?  He then wonders why the opera trumps Paranormal Activity 2, and comes up with the lamest excuse ever for not keeping up with the Christopher Pike Book Club.  The two talk RED, PA2, and Dead End--not the Wrong Turn sequel, the other one with car and the dying and the stuff what makes no sense.  Tune in to hear about how the DM was knocked on her ass by Knuckle Supper.

Poll results:
Which decade produced the best horror?
1970s - 75%
1930s - 12%
1980s - 12%


  1. I would watch Lennie James on a daytime TV talk show. Or Jericho 2.0.

  2. Does the Count not remember his brilliant letter to Garth Ennis published in The Punisher?

    The Dive Mistress will be happy to know that when the Count was at his first movie (Star Wars) - AGED 2 1/2 months - he did not even whimper. A harbinger of things to come, I should think.

  3. Whoops - it was Garth Ennis' PREACHER, not the Punisher - my bad!