Tuesday 29 June 2010

77 - Recording Fatigue

This week, your friends Count Vardulon and The Divemistress are joined once again by Brad McHargue of I Love Horror.  They talk about at-the-time-of-recording current films Prince of Persia and Splinter.  The other films they discuss are no longer in theatres, or never were in theatres.  Tune in to find out exactly how over-written Rising Dead is.  Keep an ear out for Law Abiding Citizen spoilers.  And be sure to listen for The Count and The DM's first-ever foray into gay horror cinema with their review of David DeCoteau's House of Usher.


  1. I am the 'writer' of The Totally Gay House of Usher - I actually rewrote an original script 3 years ago and was told to put gay ghosts in it because Decoteau was directing. A first for Poe! 3 years later I'm surfing the web to see if it ever got a release and find your hilarious review. Had me chuckling all the way through. The Divemistress is a doll, I love her laugh. Sorry you guys had to suffer the incessant gayness. Keep up the great posts. simon

  2. Hi Simon,

    Thanks so much for listening! We're planning on taking a look at Gay Pit and Pendulum in the near future.

  3. ha ha, yikes! Good luck with that one! si