Wednesday 26 May 2010

74 - The Divemistres Apologizes for Neowolf

This week's episode was recorded quite some time ago and was intended to be episode 73, but then that didn't happen.  The Divemistress begins by offering an apology for the movie Neowolf.  Not that she had anything to do with the film, but still she's sorry.  If things weren't bad enough, The DM gives The Human Centipede a positive review.  The Count is given two minutes to complain about V, but The DM can't resist talking alien religion so they carry on a bit.  It's a spoiler-tastic episode, so if you were planning on watching Neowolf, Broken, or Paranormal Entity, save yourself the time and listen on TheAvod instead.  Tune in to hear the lamest shout-out ever!

In the poll "Shark vs Lion vs Crocodile", most of you chose shark.  Crocodile came in second, and lion, sadly, took third place.  These results indicate a clear bias for aquatic and semi-aquatic animals.


  1. Neowolf isn't called a vampire movie, because the writer thought that by making it a "werewolf" movie, they would therefore not be ripping off The Lost Boys.

    They were incredibly wrong.

    I found this movie SO tedious to watch. And I'm still going to watch Paranormal Entity, because I have this bizarre obsession with watching Asylum movies, after having watched the mainstream version.

  2. Hi Mike!

    Suck is a much better rock'n'roll vampire movie, and it doesn't rip off The Lost Boys. Not even once.

    I'll admit to being curious about Transmorphers but I'm not sure if I'm willing to invest the time.