Sunday 20 December 2009

52 - I Heart Alan Tudyk

This week's episode marks exactly one year of weekly broadcasts. However, because TheAvod is only sort-of weekly, the importance is lost on Count Vardulon and The Divemistress. After acknowledging a request to talk a bit about Spiderman, The Count ventures far off topic to talk instead about Dr. Horrible. NCIS LA is again put under the microscope as the duo complain yet again about how bad the show is, and The DM tries to elevate the discussion by talking about opera. Since Dollhouse is freaking amazing, they talk a lot about that, and then, in keeping with talking about good things, they move on to the original Black Christmas. Tune in for a holiday gift exchange, and find out what everyone got for Christmas! Click here to find out what's wrong with the Star Wars prequels!

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