Friday 25 September 2009

40 - A Terrible Synopsis

It's a fortieth episode extravaganza! In celebration of this occasion, Count Vardulon and the Divemistress do absolutely nothing different and wander way off topic in their discussion. Introducing the first installment of TheAvod's book club, The Count does a very bad job reviewing Christopher Pike's Slumber Party. The DM does a slightly better job reviewing the documentary Snuff: A documentary. Amazingly, the two both recently watched The Alphabet Killer without consulting each other before hand, and had very different takes on the film's quality. Tune in to find out what The DM bought at the comic book shop, and then stick around to hear a complaint-loaded discussion about Fringe and NCIS: LA.


  1. Thanks for the mention guys. I have to stand on Team Vardulon in relation to The Alphabet Killer, I love Ms Dushku however the film was so formulaic even the "twist", but the story itself if done well could have been very interesting. The ghosty girls were good though!

  2. I know...I guess I was just so taken by Timothy Hutton. I always like the badguy...