Friday 25 October 2019

497 - Smile, Darn You

This week DM is away doing normal adult things, so Count Vardulon is joined by Rob Rector to "review" Joker. Tune in for a podcast recommendation, and stay for some political rantings.


  1. Bah humbug to both of you!!!!!!!!!!! Did Rob take some nostalgia pills?
    Now everyone who listened to this needs to go and listen to Profiling Criminal Minds' review of JOKER ( where you will find out just how much I loved the movie. I didn't get to hear this podcast before the Count and I did our podcast, so I wasn't as hard on him as I could have been. I phoned him from the theatre while the credits were running to insist that we do a bonus podcast on JOKER the minute I got home.
    For the record I never particularly liked Taxi Driver or the King of Comedy - I particularly thought that Taxi Driver was trite and boring when I watched it. I agree that Robert de Niro was miscast in that role. However, I would argue against a lot of the points in this review of the movie - so go listen to our podcast :-)
    And go watch the movie - it is slowly paced in the beginning but just builds and builds. I do understand some of the complaints that the duo make, but really I think they missed the movie that was in front of them because they were so incensed that it wasn't a different movie.
    The Count and I will be doing a follow-up podcast when the DVD comes out - my only angst is that I have agreed to watch Taxi Driver and King of Comedy again before we do (and probably the other one that they were so fond of).

  2. I don't remember where I saw this review title, but it was my favourite of all time.
    "Joker feels like it has a lot to say, but ends up saying nothing. It is the perfect summary of 2019"