Thursday 6 June 2019

483 - Godzilliacs

This week, your friends Count Vardulon and DM are joined by Rob Rector to stomp all over Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Tune for a list of movies you've probably never heard of, and stay to hear about all the movies DM watched while up in the air.


  1. Vardulon, Rob, have you never seen a Godzilla movie before? almost every complaint you have could apply to every Toho Godzilla movie ever made? Are you guys sure you are fans of Godzilla movies?
    You guys were confused by the Twin chinese scientists being a reference to the Mothra twins? did you leave the theatre before the scene where The Military twin goes to a photograph of her family which shows its a family of twins and she talks about how her twin sister is working on the Mothra project? Do you guys play with your phones the whole time you were watching the movie? I watched the flick with someone who is, at best, a casual Godzilla fan who when the Twin was shown at the hatching of Mothra (while the mother music was playing) nudged me and said "she's a twin! they're the Mothra Twins!" and then I said "Oh, yeah!"
    You have a problem with Monarch becoming a huge agency after they prove there are giant monsters? the us government is planning Space Force real life because Space?
    WHO THE HELL IS ULTRA GODZILLA?! Thermonuclear Godzilla is a reference to BURNING GODZILLA, a thing that only happens in GODZILLA VS. DESTROYAH when Godzilla melts down and dies. Sure it would have been fun if more of the monster fights happened in daylight, but the majority of the post Heisei period movies the battles are mostly at night.
    Why did neither of you so called "Godzilla Nerds" think the sunken city was Seatopia? why would Atlantis be in a Godzilla movie when there is already a sunken civilization in the Godzilla Universe? were you not entertained with the fact that we finally got an american Godzilla flick that used themes from Akira Ifukube's scores? did you not appreciate King Ghidorah had the King Ghidorah flying sound effect from the classic films? What about the recreation of that one scene of Rodan flying over the city destroying it with the shock wave of him flying over the city that was always reused in all the original Godzilla movies that featured Rodan because they didn't have the budget to shoot new Rodan Flying scenes in the early Godzilla movies.
    Rob when is the last time you've watched any of the classic Godzilla movies, are you sure you still like them?
    GODZILLA FINAL WARS IS NOT A REMAKE OF THE MONSTER FROM PLANET X, (Mostly because that's not a movie, I assume you mean Invasion of the Astro-monster?) IT IS A REMAKE OF DESTROY ALL MONSTERS!
    Vardulon you talk about how much you love Final Wars but you Didn't know who Manda was in that list of forgotten Kiju? Manda appears in Final Wars and wrecks the Gotengo captained by Douglas Gordon. You're also unfamiliar with Giant Frankenstein, who died and his body parts became the Gargantuas?
    Next you're going to say you've never heard of Wolfman vs. Godzilla or Batman vs. Godzilla!
    This is one of the most frustrating episodes of this show I've ever listened to. Was GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS a masterpiece of writing? nope. It's a Godzilla movie, with all the goofy writing and plotting that entails. At the very least KING OF THE MONSTERS felt like one coherent script unlike KONG: SKULL ISLAND which obviously was Frankensteined together from at least 3 different drafts. The photographer character only being there so that Kong has a woman to pick up, the tracker taking over most of the work John C. Reilly's character, John Goodman being set up as the main character only to be killed off half way through when they realized there were too many characters who were basically there to do the exact same job in the story.
    I'm sorry but as a certified 7th level Godzilla fan (i've watched 27 of the 35 Godzilla movies, the entire run of Marvel's Comic series and a bunch of the Hanna Barbara cartoon within the last year, I'm going to need to ask you to turn in your Japanese Xenomorph Self-Defense Force Badges and the keys to Kyro and Moguera back. Maybe those guys can claim to be Gamera fans, those seem to be more your speed in terms of giant monster movies. ;)

  2. Damon but that was harsh! Now I admit that I was surprised that no one recognised Gorosaurus or Varan or Manda (especially as All the Boys Love Manda Lane) but hey, everyone has an off night.

    Now relax and never interrupt my binging of Death Note again.

  3. Hello, completely unrelated to this episode, but these videos would be of interest to Vardulon:
    It is on the balloon boy incident, and it talks about justice system failure, which i know is a topic he likes a lot
    If he checks the comments, i hope you enjoy!. If he doesn't, can you forward these along to him?