Sunday 24 February 2019

470 - Toni Collette Loves Art

This week, your friends Count Vardulon and DM watch a recent "scariest movie" and are more confused than scared. They're also a little confused by Velvet Buzzsaw, but much more entertained. Tune in for a review of a TV show DM hasn't finished watching, and stay for another attempt to list cursed objects.


  1. Never seen Curse of the Demon??? You really must fix that, it is a great moody b&w film.

    Speaking of all that art & cursed objects - wouldn't the picture of Dorian Grey count? Sure it protects him from all the consequences of his evil but ultimately it also dooms him.

    Oh, if you want to read the story of the most evil 'wig' ever then you have to read Robert Bloch's 'Enoch'.

    1. I'd say the picture of Dorian Grey counts as a cursed object. There's an episode of The Librarians that is an updated re-telling of the story. It's pretty good.