Thursday 29 March 2018

430 - Clownstravaganza

This week, your friends Count Vardulon and DM make some headway in the Count's quest to watch every evil clown horror movie out there. Him is a movie in the most technical sense, and opinions are split over the merits of Clowntergeist. Tune in for a too-long book report, and stay for a rundown of films DM watched recently.


  1. First - all clowns are evil, those who work directly fo the devil just have better heath plans.

    Second - how do films with the Joker not make the list? Killer clowns ae uniformly horrible even if their films suck.

    Third - please, please do a Lovecraft themed show and watch Curse of the Blue Lights - but not alone, make sure you're with someone who can Hiemlich you when you choke on your popcorn

    Forth - late comment on Godzilla films, King Kong vs Godzilla was one of the first films I saw in a theatre and will always be special to me. Try to see a subtitled Japanese version, its really a social satire on capitalism and commercialism.

    1. First - Does the devil cover dental?
      Second - I don't think people consider Joker a clown, but it's a good point.
      Third - I'll add Curse of the Blue Lights to the list!
      Fourth - I come and go on giant animal movies. I have to be in the right headspace to watch King Kong. That having been said, I just saw the trailer for Meg and I'm looking forward to what will surely be a stinker.

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  3. Does the devil cover dental? Of course! Why, under his plan you'll have more teeth in more places than you'd ever imagined possible.

    As a comic reader growing up in the '50's & '60's we knew one of the Joker's nicknames was 'the Clown Prince of Crime'.

    I saw Meg - do dead fish stink?