Friday 24 November 2017

415 - Just Ice

This week your friends Count Vardulon and DM are joined by perennial guest Rob Rector to talk Justice League. Can DM and Rob convince the Count he's wrong to like this movie? Tune in to find out! Click here for thing one, and here for thing two.


  1. Well it sounds like I didn't see a not so great movie last week. Never liked Kirby's Fourth World stuff, yeah Darkseid may be a mainstay villain now but who misses the Forever People? There's a good reason why Kirby's best stuff was done in collaboration with either Simon or Lee - bottom line, Kirby was a pompous overblown writer with a tin ear for dialogue. Course my son almost worships him BUT he's never seen any of his DC stuff.

    Appreciate the warning.

    1. All I know is what I see onscreen, and JL was needlessly terrible. I really like the DC/WB animated movies and the few that feature Darkseid are great.

  2. I so wanted to watch this movie but I couldn't. Now I realize, why a colleague of mine was urging me so much to watch this ASAP