Tuesday, 17 October 2017

410 - Mind Games

This week, you friends Count Vardulon and DM binge-watch the new Netflix series Mindhunter. Much like the discussion about it, the show starts off strong but tanks toward the end. Tune in to find out which video game reveals the meaning of life, and stay to hear way too much about serial killers.


  1. I too thought that the 2nd half of Season 12 tanked & tanked big time! I tried to figure out why (I watched all the episodes :-( ) and hypothesize that after CM:Beyond Borders (a gawdawful mess of a show) was cancelled, Erica Messer came back as the CM showrunner in reality rather than mostly in name - which I have to assume because she was the driving force behind CM:BB. Mind you maybe Gray Gubler loved his arc! So far, Season 13 is back to its usual stuff.

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