Wednesday 23 December 2015

325 - The Soft Sciences

As promised, Count Vardulon and DM are again joined by Rob Rector to talk nothing but Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Except for all the random crap they have to slog through before getting to the good stuff. Tune in to find out who noticed a continuity error in the MCU and stay to hear Rob get attacked by geese.

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  1. Just listened to The Avod - Star Wars VII edition & have some comments.

    Caveats: I saw it and will go and see it again on the big screen (with the grandchildren? with my other sister next week? I saw it with my sister who had never seen a Star Wars movie (unbelievable as that may seem) - she had a great time.

    1. As a visual person, I guess, I have a question. Who in the name of the Force could ever believe that Ben Solo could be the genetic offspring of Princess Leia and Han Solo? Come on! Or did The Dark Side of the Force alter him so much that he became "fugly" to quote the Count?

    2. Rey, on the other hand, could have been their child, but of course, she is probably Luke Skywalker's daughter since Leia and Han would have known if they had a daughter LOL. And she looks like her grandmother.

    3. Rob's comment about Rey's use of the Force. I heard that elsewhere as well. I didn't have a problem. Yes, Luke had to train, and training is probably a good thing. However, it may just be that the Force is so strong in Rey that it pushed through when necessary - remember that when Finn asks her how she maneuvered the Millenium Falcon, she looked as shocked as he did - & said she didn't have a clue (have to paraphrase - only seen it once)

    3. Someone complained that Finn used Luke's light saber too easily. I thought that maybe Finn too has a small part of the force in him - maybe not strong - but the Force isn't strong in everyone, but it is there. Two reasons - the 1st point; but also, he is the only Stormtrooper to have EVER defied his training as a Stormtrooper - could the Force be at work there? And is he Calrissian's son?

    I would have also liked a little more backstory on the rise of the First Order

    None of these hampered my enjoyment of the film (well maybe Adam Driver - don't have to put a "name" in the part - that wasn't the point that the Count was trying to make (I don't think), but someone who looked like he had a bit of a family resemblance would have been nice - to bring up another film - Fury Road - it wasn't Mel Gibson, but if the story had been structured to say that our hero had been Mel Gibson's son - I would have bought it - I just didn't by Ben Solo)

    All these and other questions will hopefully be answered in VIII - well some anyway - three years, three years ...........