Friday 11 December 2015

323 - Krampucide

This week, your friends Count Vardulon and DM celebrate the Christmas season by cobbling together a Krampus trilogy. The only one worth seeing is Krampus, which DM liked way more than the Count. Tune in to find out who doesn't understand how exercise technology works, and stay to hear about television nonsense. Click here for Hannukah!

Who's haunting your high school?
Dead teacher who hates kids  33%
Dead custodian who hates everyone  33%
Me  33%


  1. Bout time Krampus made a comeback. Christmas was losing too many pre-1900 traditions (ghost stories, costume parties) to "Halloween.

  2. I've always been confused by the line 'scary ghost stories' in 'most wonderful time of the year' - my reaction was always 'isn't there just the one?'. Then a couple of years ago I learned all about the scary drunkenness of old-time Christmas, and suddenly the song made sense! Also, the past was terrifying. "What time of year should we groups of youth roam around, getting drunk and breaking windows?" 'How about during the longest nights and it's super cold, so the broken windows will be a maximum amount of inconvenience?' "Sold!"