Friday 16 May 2014

254 - Pronunciation Lesson

Yes, it's a long episode this week, but how can you cram giant monsters into a regular-sized show? Ramping up to the new Godzilla, your friends Count Vardulon and DM watch two other Godzilla movies and then a third movie that doesn't have anything to do with Godzilla. Tune in to find out how out of touch we are with new releases, and stay to hear a run down of not-quite-so-unappreciated X-Box games.

1 comment:

  1. My son called me earlier today and said the new Godzilla is a must see, I'm guessing I'll hear you say the same when I listen later tonight.

    You and he were also right about C. A. Winter Soldier though I'm still perturbed about Bucky returning from the dead, it was one of two ''facts' I thought I could believe in the Marvel Universe. Please don't tell me that JuniorJuniper is also back.