Friday 18 October 2013

231 - The Gingerbread House

This week on TheAvod your friends Count Vardulon and DM journey deep into the realm of Hansel and Gretel movies. In a surprise twist no one saw coming, the Asylum's entry doesn't suck. And Hansel and Gretel Get Baked is not the stoner comedy everyone was expecting. The Count hates Jeremy Renner's face, so you can guess his feelings re H&G Witch Hunters. Tune in to hear which TV shows continue to suck and which ones suck less, and stay to hear about which TV will suck in the future. Click here to watch the greatest horror movie trailer ever, and click here to see the dumbest.


  1. Loving Agents of SHIELD and I immediately thought of Graviton in that episode although I suppose it could be the revised origin of the Black Hole (from Howard the Duck). So far its very much in feeling like reading the original series way back when in Strange Tales with the Rising Tide and this other secret organization acting in place of Them, AIM and the Secret Empire (I'm older than dirt).

    A series about Dick Grayson before Batman - that would be Circus Boy starring Mickey Dolenz (yes, THAT Mickey Dolenz) from back in the '50's and it would be a very bad idea.

    Daredevil on tv? I can rewatch The Trial of the Incredible Hulk for that and its on the same disc as The Return of the IncredibleHulk in which he teams up with Thor. Effects have improved in the past 30 + years.

  2. Apparently Netflix is in the process of replacing movies with versions with the correct aspect ratios.

  3. Has anyone else noticed the very first person they interview on Castle is the culprit? Every episode the first person they talk to is the murderer.

    1. That's nearly always the case - it reminds me of the Pretender, where each week the Pretender would meet, in this order, 1: Someone connected to the victim. 2: A super-suspicious red herring. 3: A friendly co-worker of the victim who turns out to be the killer.