Wednesday 14 August 2013

223 - Vinnie Jones: Supervillain

This week on TheAvod, Count Vardulon and DM watch another fake comic book movie, another Full Moon feature, and more Tom Cruise. Meridian turns out to be better than expected, while Cross is rife with problems, and Oblivion is totally worth seeing. Tune in to hear DM rant about e-sports and stay for the greatest idea since Sharktopus.


  1. Oh guys, I miss when Full Moon actually made actual movies. They were all flawed and kinda crummy but they were so much fun. You guys should try the Puppet Master series, the first few feature great stop motion monster effects. The SubSpecies flicks were kind of fun. Castle Freak is, well, weird (stars Jeffery Combs, who you see way more of then you probably want.)
    Dollman was decent. The Trancers series is pretty good. Try to find any of the 90's or earlier Full Moon Flicks.

    1. Interestingly, we have another Full Moon feature lined up for Loonie Movies. I think it might be Dollman.

      I can't remember if I've seen Trancers. I know I've looked at it thinking "I should see this." And I'm pretty sure I've watched a trailer or preview. But I'm not sure if I've actually watched it.