Thursday 6 June 2013

213 - Identical Twins

This week on TheAvod your friends Count Vardulon and DM enjoy the hell out of Fast and Furious 6. They also really like the misleadingly-titled Super Hybrid. The Vampire Conspiracy, on the other hand, is pretty bad. Tune in to hear about knuckleball and stay to find out who loves magicians. Like, a lot.


  1. If that coke ad is the one I'm thinking of it might have something to do with a thing Coke was doing where they had machines that when you tried to buy a Coke it would tell you you could have a free Coke if you did something nice for someone. they did something in Isreal and the Gaza strip where they had had two linked machines with cameras and monitors where you had to imitate the person at the other machine in order for both parties to get a Coke. so you see a guy in Isreal do a goofy little dance and a guy in Gaza do the same thing. Its nice to see Coke's trying to make people better. Unlike Pepsi who just wants everyone to be selfish teens.

  2. Say Count, if you like magicians try to hunt up Bill Bixby's show from the early '70's, 'The Magician', in which he plays a very pulp-like crime fighting stage magician - great show!