Thursday 28 March 2013

205 - As played by Steven Berkhoff

This week on TheAvod Count Vardulon and DM are surprised to learn that England produces amateur, low-budget genre films, just like everyone else. Less surprising is the revelation that this week's Loonie Movie isn't worth a dollar. The Bay, on the other hand is worth quite a few dollars. Like at least 6, which how much it costs to rent. Tune in to find out how not to sell a movie and stay to hear how RE6 has redeemed itself.

Poll results: How are you surviving the zompocalypse?
I'm executing an elaborate plan to blow up the city  16%
I'm driving around the countryside kicking zombie ass  16%
I'm holed up in my country home with my guns and MREs  16%
I'm not  52%

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