Wednesday 18 April 2012

159 - From Our Cabin to Yours

This week it's nothing but Cabin. Cabin, Cabin, Cabin.  If you haven't yet seen Cabin in the Woods, go do that, then come back here and listen to Count Vardulon, DM, and their special guest Rob Rector, as they gush over Joss Whedon's and Drew Goddard's masterful horror film.

Poll results: What's stalking you at the cabin?
Bear  10%
Would-be lover  10%
Killer scarecrow  80%


  1. What do you guys think about the little comment about the US's last failure being in 1998 because of the chem department. Reference to The Faculty?

    I want some kind of art booklet with all the monsters and their artifacts.

    I read that Goddard said Kevin was apparently supposed to be someone fairly normal looking, like an employee at a store, who tortures and dismembers people in his spare time.

  2. I have to say that i went to the theater to see this movie and really enjoyed it, hope everyone that loves horror movie like me go to see this one.