Wednesday 23 November 2011

140 - You Think You're Too Good to Rip Off Halloween?

This week your friends Count Vardulon and DM watch three random movies and it goes just about as well as you would expect: a boring serial killer, an ill-fitting costume, and a slasher film that should have ripped of Halloween but didn't.  Tune in to see DM nitpick YouTube comments, and find out what's playing on TV in the UK.  If you happened to have missed out on the Zach Ward/Brendon Fletcher conversation, it's repeated here.

Poll results: Is direct-to-video the genre wasteland it used to be?
It's where careers go to die.  35%
It's where careers are resurrected.  0%
Some of the best movies I've seen were DTV.  0%
All of the above.  65%


  1. Thanks guys! Soon it will all be over! I suggested to the others that we take a trip to Canada to visit after graduation. :)