Tuesday 18 August 2009

35 - The Definitive List

Following up on their discussion about racism in film, racism correspondent Mer-man and the Divemistress discuss recent allegorical film District 9. Count Vardulon can't weigh in because he hasn't seen it yet, but he does introduce TheAvod's definitive list--the list to end all lists. The Count and the DM dissect the movie Autopsy, and the DM reviews the last film in the Carpenter canon, Ghosts of Mars. Click the picture above to find out what's got the Count all pissed off!

The Definitive List (in no particular order, but enumerated all the same)

37 Halloween 3
36 Tremors
35 Nail Guns
34 Ron Perlman
33 Swamp Thing
32 Jasper Fforde
31 Ninjas
30 The Meatpacking District
29 Dracula
28 Pen and Teller
27 Robocop (the movie and the person)
26 They Live
25 The black guy from Archie and the black girl from Archie
24 Special Agent Pendergast
23 Resident Evil (not the movie)
22 Dark Fantasy
21 Tony Todd
20 Mardi Gras Beads
19 Jack 24 (aka the show 24)
18 Canada
17 Several of the Jason Movies
16 Wine
15 Judge Dredd
14 Warlock
13 The Time Edward Hyde Snapped the Leg off a Tripod from War of The Worlds
12 The People Under the Stairs
11 Suntots (from the show Smoggies)
10 Gelflings
09 Battletech
08 Tim Curry as The Devil
07 Death Note
06 Pizza
05 Chain-Swords
04 Escaflowne
03 When People's Heads are Surprisingly Cut off in Fiction
02 Exploding Heads
01 The G. I. Joe Cartoon

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