Friday 3 April 2009

17 - Twilight Fools

North. I meant north of the canal.

In celebration of April Fool's, the Divemistress manages to convince Count Vardulon to watch Twilight. Also, in celebration of April Fool's the duo talk about the movie April Fool's Day. And perhaps the biggest joke of all is the Count's musical taste.


  1. You know, based on the logic of your map, Hull, Quebec is also part of Downtown Ottawa.

  2. The map clearly reads "Ottawa-Hull downtown" right at the top. Thus, a part of Hull (the nice part) is rightfully included. Only the tiniest corner of Vanier is visible, meaning that Vanier as a whole is not, in fact, considered part of downtown. My neighbourhood, on the other hand, is shown in its entirety.

  3. A late (to say the least) comment, but by the Count's logic, Danse Macabre- the delightful little song that gave us the theme to Jonathan Creek, isn't a good song.

    Or is he not counting classical tunes?